Expressive drawing, L1 – 27-28 Jan 2018

Creative drawing: introduction

What a fabulous course this was to teach this weekend – with a full studio of enthusiastic students from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, we all shared our experiences and stories which made the weekend that much richer and interesting.  It’s what I love about teaching adults – everyone has so much to bring to the group.

Saturday is the more technical of the 2 day course which requires a lot of focus and concentration in learning to adopt a new way or methodology to drawing including ways for measuring objects to get your observation skills honed and increasingly more accurate.

However, this hard work is rewarded by a far more creative day on the second day with lots of different materials and techniques to experiment with and try.  A lot more flexible and fluid today is about finding ways of incorporating the new ideas into your own drawing practice – everyone finds different techniques, methods or materials of interest and learns to see how they can help develop their drawings in new directions.  It’s what creative drawing is all about – adding emotion, creativity, and personal interpretation into how we see and draw the world around us – its personal!

One student, Emma, said that the ” Technical base information was useful to help drawings start with a sense of ‘correctness’ – from there [we] explored the journey away from the restrictions of technicality to embrace creativity.”  John summed up the course very succinctly with, ” Basic skills, methodology, other media to try.  Loved the charcoal.”  But what did the other students make of the course?  Read further to find out.

Student quotes

“Welcoming and inclusive approach to exploring and developing drawing techniques. A creative journey; fun; meeting other creatives from all over.”
Emma P

“A great course for beginners or intermediate level.  Covers a good range of techniques and media.  Interesting and fun.  A good weekend, nice change from the usual drinking, etc.  Improves confidence and inspired.”
Hannah B

“Give it a go as you never know which technique you will enjoy the most.  Very informative in a relaxed atmosphere.” 
Jeanette W

“Great experience and good balance of challenging but achievable.  Good mixture of exercises and felt learnt new techniques on course.  Motivating and enjoyable course with a good balance of some theory and plenty of exercises.”
Tanya S

“Really enjoyable and a great learning experience.”
Angela B

“It was a joy from the start to finish.  Excellent clear instructions from Brian throughout.  I loved it, thank you!”
Claire D

“Really great.  Used mediums never used before.  Challenging but good.  Really good experience – great tuition.”
John H

“Challenging, engaging, drawing, interesting, learn and enhance skills.  Excellent teacher with lots of support.  Excellent supportive teacher and lots of fun learning.”
Anna B


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