Expressive drawing, L1 – Aug 2019

“Really worthwhile. Takes you at an easy pace but
goes into new creative areas. Felt inspired.”

Martin S

It was great to be able to teach mid-week on one of my first August summer holiday midweek courses.  We had a wonderful group of students join me in my studio on the Creative drawing: introduction course.  2 days of creative endeavour learning, exploring and supporting each other.  As Elli says of her experience “the course is a foundation for you to discover what you can do – it opens your eyes”.  Elli considered the course was “2 days well spent on yourself, building confidence and enthusiasm.”  Read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“Very informative and enjoyable.  A good sized group of people in a relaxed environment.  The main thing was how important it is to be freer and less afraid of how things turn out.  We also learnt how to measure and how to start and finish drawings.”
Beverly W

“Really worthwhile.  Very enjoyable and challenging but brian is a good teacher and explains everything clearly.  Relaxed atmosphere.  Supportive group.  Takes you at an easy pace but goes into new creative areas.  Felt inspired.”
Martin S

“You feel you are in a group who are here to learn.  You feel comfortable and fully supported in that learning.  High quality, methodical teaching, fun, friendly group.”
Caroline I

“Loved it! Great opportunity to switch off from the world and get engrossed in something new and challenging and fun.  Fully recommend to all abilities.”
Rachael H

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