Expressive drawing, L1 – Feb 2016

oil-pastel-drawingCourse Photo Diary: 26-27 Feb 2016

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

A stunning weekend of relaxed hard work in a studio filled with sunshine, creativity and mutual support between all the students.  The group of students make stunning progress over the 2 days and I was thrilled with the variety of personal, creative and imaginative drawings that resulted by the end of the course.

Student Quotes

“Very intense, but light-hearted – very focused.  A good pace – gently challenged! I became more courageous.” Barbara B

“Second day I felt locked unable to do anything and with help from Brian moved through it to complete a full picture.” Ruth J

“You learn at a steady pace with 1:1 guidance and encouragement.  The course is hard work but at the end it feels it’s worth every penny/minute.” Linda H

“Very relaxed, bright, very helpful and a must do for anyone wanting to learn more of what potential and skill they have.” Sophie T

“I have learnt to look beyond what you can see, think about positioning of objects and developed a new love of oil pastels.” Nicki M