Expressive drawing, L1 – Jan 2019

“It is a great experience here in Manchester in a very special building full of artists.”

Xavier Molas

I welcomed 9 enthusiastic students to my warm studio overlooking a cold Ancoats this January weekend.  It was an exciting transformative weekend.  teaching began on the Saturday morning with technical instruction on the more formal aspects of drawing.  After lunch the course takes a different focus and we begin to try different drawing materials and travel a wonderful journey to ever increasing creativity and self expression. The course is summed up beautifully by Isabella who said, “it gives a good first insight of the technical part of drawing (proportion, perspective, etc) and the creative part by trying different methods”.

Isabella said of her experience, “It’s fun, the days flow by.  Brian is really good and funny, lovely atmosphere”.  So read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“It is a great experience here in Manchester in a very special building full of artists.  I haave definitely learned how to measure properly, how to fix my mistakes.  I have learnt how to use many different techniques.  It has been very helpful – the course has been enjoyable.”
Xavier A-M

“Very friendly, comfortable and gives you a wide range of info.  I have learnt how to express myself and draw bigger.”
Lisa A

“I have learnt size, tone, proportion, shape, expression and freedom to explore.  You will be taken out of your comfort zone”.  The highlights for me was “meeting new people.  The freedom to create my own piece of work and learn a lot, and finding my strengths”.
Dawn P

“An adventure! And a great learning experience.  I enjoyed it all.  Lots of new techniques – formally how to draw more accurately, perspective, and how to have more FUN with drawing”.
Emma D

“Amazing experience, invaluable teaching skills/ability to experience freedom in a short space of time.  Go for it!  Encouraging, motivating, experienced, patient teacher.”  The highlight for me was, “Losing the fear!”
Clare P

“Very good.  Well organised with a clear approach.  Good standard of teaching.  Pleasant non-intimidating atmosphere”.
Caroline F

“Definitely worth it.  Gives a panoramic overview of material, technique and styles.  Great introduction for beginners (like me)”.
Riccardo S

“Fantastic.  Worth every penny.  Taught me new techniques, methods, skills.  How to think differently when approaching drawing.  Friendly, relaxed, informative.  Loved it all!”
Allan H

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