Expressive drawing, L1 – July 2017

Another sun-filled weekend in my studio teaching the very first Creative drawing: next steps course with 6 students.  We enjoyed a very full weekend learning about ‘road maps’ to drawing, how to develop compositions, drawing exercises to improve how we ‘see’ objects more accurately, playing and experimenting with materials and the value of doing preparatory sketches.  It was a fun filled weekend filled to the brim with opportunities to learn new things and get batter and drawing  and being creative.  As Chris says, “A very enjoyable experience where I learned so much.  Brian is a great tutor and the environment is inspiring.”

But read further and find out what the other students thought about the weekend.

Student Comments

“There is so much to learn in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Loved the final afternoon with paint.” Chris C

Firstly it was a very supportive and relaxed environment.  It wasn’t competitive at all and everyone including Brian was very positive about your work.  I feel very enthusiastic about continuing my art outside the class.  The final project was really fun to do and I was really happy with the results.” Krissy B

“Extremely informative and challenging.  The textures exercise was particularly good fun.” Stephen C

“Over the 2 days we have been on a journey of discovery to unleash our creativity and our drawing abilities.  Can’t believe how much I have learned and improved – and how many new techniques we have been shown and practised.” Hazel D

“What I have achieved in 2 days has amazed me and how much you can fit in such a short time and how much I can push myself to improve.  Brilliant, exciting to re-discover skills you already have and improving on them them. Uplifting.” Cheryl W

“Very relaxed, great teacher. I have learnt how to draw accurately and to use charcoal which I loved. I found it inspiring and helped me to use different techniques.” Sandra M