Expressive drawing, L1 – July 2018

Another fabulous weekend in my studio teaching drawing and mixed media – doing what I love doing with a group of students looking to learn and enjoy themselves.  Can’t beat it really!

Wonderful warm weather after an unprecedented heatwave but with 2 fans we managed to keep the studio cool so as not to overheat during what Julie described as, “a gentle but intense 2 days to explore technical drawing and experiment with more creative techniques [in a] lovely environment, safe space, unpressurised re-final accomplishments.” Alistair, who attended the course to improve his drawing before going to university next year, described the highlight of the course as, “The confidence it has given me.”

Read further to find out what the other students thought of their experience.

Student testimonials

“Balanced, well paced.  Good mix of focus, disciplined and fun.”
Julie B

“Really interesting and helps you explore ways of drawing.  I have learnt to be more free and expressive in my drawing. Its a fun way to learn new things.”
Alastair B

“Brilliant! Really enjoyed the structure, the relaxed but focused tutoring.  At last 4 new techniques and a general approach to learning and experimenting – given me confidence to try new ideas and practice what we have learnt.  Good tutor, good course, good company – perfect sized group [10].
Penny S

“Outstanding experience from an absolute beginner.  Brian was knowledgeable, supportive and a brilliant teacher.”
Tamara G

“Great course to move you on and give you confidence.  was a bit stuck in drawing pencil drawings and did not know how to move forward.  The course helped me to do that.”
Paul B

“This is a really valuable and educational course to do.  Brian teachers techniques and methods that will expand and alter the way you think about art.  Brian teachers you so many transferable skills that will help you to draw.”
Elaine B

“Easy to book and very good to undertake the course, which leads through experiences to a creative conclusion.  Well thought out and well delivered – fun and interesting.”
John L

“Really worth booking.  Learnt so much.  Enjoyed all aspects, learned so much.  Friendly, very helpful.”
Amanda J

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