Expressive Drawing L1 – July 2023

“A fabulous way to explore your inner creativity and have a play with ideas and materials.”

Ruth S

I love teaching this course – encouraging and guiding students away from the realities they are faced with to discover a creative self-expressive style of drawing. It is so rewarding working through the creative challenges so that by the end of the course everyone achieves unique creative interpretations of the still life images – freed from the need to copy. Inspiring stuff!

But read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student comments

“Challenging, eye opening – so good to have space to explore and play. [I have learnt] how to challenge my own concepts and see things differently. [The course] exceeded my expectations.”
Esther C

“Loved it. Took a while to get my head around the concept but felt I achieved something by the end – how not to be a realist! Enjoyed the sepia exercise and the Sunday morning drawing. I knew I would struggle with semi-abstract but it didn’t matter, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself.”
Sue T

“Thanks Brian. Really enjoyed the course. Very relaxed, friendly and informative. Good balance of art theory/history and practice. Lots of different techniques covered over the weekend. Very supportive environment. [I learnt] to not be limited by previous experience and expectations. To focus on and enjoy art evolving, rather than having a fixed idea of what it will look like in the end. [My course highlights were the] very supportive, encouraging teaching style. I didn’t have fixed expectations. I hoped to gain some confidence approaching art practice without worrying about it, turning out good. My expectation was met for this.
Tessa M

“A fabulous way to explore your inner creativity and have a play with ideas and materials. Informative and relaxed friendly environment. [I learnt] how to relax into the creative process! How to embrace ‘happy mistakes’. [My course highlights were’ the collage project and ‘blind’ drawing exercise. I was open to the whole experience and loved the whole weekend. Thank you!!”
Ruth S

“Thank you – loved it! Very enjoyable. Well planned, excellently presented course. Would love to come back again. [I have learnt to] think as well as see and be unconventional. [My course highlights were] other students, really nice teacher and challenging content. Intensive – made me concentrate (not always able to do that at home). Motivated me to draw more.”
Lorraine W

“Fun, open minded and creative. [My course highlights were] the last part where we used paper to add more elements.”
Mango Z