Expressive Drawing, L1 – October 2020

“[My highlight was] experimenting with ink + mixed media, watercolour, etc”

Chrissy D

Another Covid course with just 2 students able to attend due to many needing to self-isolate.  Feel determined to continue teaching my courses so no-one looses out on the courses they have booked.  I’m getting used to this now and am enjoying the chance to offer that much more input and support to students as we have fewer in the studio.  Not enjoying keeping distance as it does make teaching a little more challenging – making good use of my 2 meter pointing stick to help me point to things though!

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Student comments

“Very relaxed course.  A chance to learn new drawing techniques like gesture, using different media like charcoal.  I have learnt to relax and not be pre-occupied with reflection and outlines.  I have learnt to build up different layers.”
Twesige M

“Very enjoyable and relaxing environment.  Steady pace throughout the weekend.  [I have learnt] mainly how to be free with my drawings foregrounds and backgrounds.  To not be too hung up on outline.  More confident!”
Chrissy D