Expressive Drawing, level 1 – Oct 2021

“Excellent, full on experience. Lots of tools and inspiration

Neal T

I was so pleased to be teaching this course for the first time since lockdown.  Even if student numbers are still low, I am determined to continue as normal as possible as I am reluctant to cancel any more courses.  So with just 3 wonderful students attending the course we immersed ourselves in a creative weekend of seeking ways to make personally expressive still life drawings.  Read further to find out what the students thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“Excellent, full on experience. Lots of tools and inspiration to move on from here with drawing and painting.” My course highlight was “learning the full extent of pastels as a medium.”
Neal T

“Very relaxed with lots of space to spread out. I gained knowledge in how to approach a still life incorporating intervention techniques. With reference to other artists I have learnt how to create grids and blend colours and shapes to make areas more or less dominant.” My course highlights was “the friendly atmosphere and Brian’s calm, quiet teaching.” My motivation for attend the course was “to learn something new and I did!”
Sarah P

“It’s been a wonderful experience. Brian somehow inspired and supported us to move forward in all aspects of the Art Elements to enable us to develop personal styles and other possibilities for creativity.” I have learnt about “tools to start off inspiring ideas; using view finders for focusing on particular areas; using grids [as a creative tool]; moving from naturalistic to abstract; using personal preferences and exploring artists’ use of the Art Elements.”
Sue M