Expressive drawing, L1 – May 2019

This has proved to be the perfect course to get me started/confident and motivated.

Gerrard G

I was joined by 9 students on a fab weekend this May on the Creative drawing: introduction course. Tracey described the course as “welcoming, good pace, inspiring experience” during which I took students on a journey from technical drawing on the Saturday morning through to expressive and creative mixed media drawing on Sunday afternoon. Students really showed their ability to take new ideas on board and develop their skills and creativity over the 2 days in my studio.
Read further to find out what the students thought about their experience.

Student Testimonials

“Lots of different techniques but very practical and lots of drawing time. Well paced. Liked that it was a tied together at the end. Learnt about starting with angles and then breaking down into 3 shapes. Also spreading paint with scrapers is a good technique. Good variety, well paced, lots of drawing time, not overly complicated so everyone could go at own pace and skill level.” My course highlight was that “I enjoyed the final drawing bringing everything together. Also liked that Brian didn’t overly control how we used the techniques as all [the final drawings were] different.”
Matty D

”This has been a wonderful experience, creative and encouraging of self-expression, but firmly rooted in theory. Drawing techniques were clearly explained in a structured way then time was given to experiment. Activities were fun and constructive. My course highlight was that “everything about the course was a wonderful learning experience.”
Sue M

“Non threatening, welcoming and V supportive. Lots of new techniques which I didn’t know before. Being able to be totally absorbed in the detail whilst practising the new techniques, [although] I personally felt the metal objects with all its different angles and planes was hard and felt a less complex shape would have enabled me to feel more of a sense of achievement”. My course highlight was “the sepia hand drawing and mixed-media as well as the pen + watercolours.”
Louise R

“Excellent – well paced and informative. Lots of different techniques and building up confidence to try something new. Very friendly and lots of fun!”
Eddie R

“Good techniques to take on to move forward. Good mix of techniques and play.”
Richard F

“It was really enjoyable. It provides really good techniques to drawing/creative drawing. Challenged the way I look at art and drawing. I learnt that I don’t always have to start by drawing the outline and does not have to be right the first time. Brian is brilliant in breaking things down and provides good advice on how to improve. Relaxed environment. Other participants are great and friendly.”
Felicia H

“I wasn’t sure how to get started back drawing and painting (it’s been 40 years since I last did this) This has proved to be the perfect course to get me started/confident and motivated. Learned how to see and visualise what I was drawing and what I wanted to achieve – connecting the technical with the expressive techniques was a perfect mix.” My course highlight was “realising that I can create art.”
Gerrard G

“Challenging and takes you away from your comfort zone. Welcoming, good pace, inspiring experience.”
Tracey T

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