Expressive drawing, L1 – October 2018

We enjoyed another fabulous weekend teaching the Creative drawing: introduction course to a group of 7 very creative and passionate students from a very diverse background of experiences.

Kate thought that the course was an “excellent course for all abilities, takes you on a journey where you end up discovering you can do more than you think you can.” Kate thought the teaching was, “patient, informed and all round excellent”.

Read further to find out what the other students thought of the weekend.


Student Testimonials

“A great way to explore drawing and maybe find a style that suits you.  Good introduction as to methodology and lots of practice.  Build confidence – that there are techniques which will improve drawing ability – with practice.”
Odette T

“Helps you explore your own style while still imbibing technical nuances.  Not theoretical at all. 
Radhika  N

“Brilliant. Very enjoyable and taught me a lot in a small amount of time.  Basic techniques and methodology.  This will give me a good starting point and basis to go forward.  Great fun, very inclusive.  Good energy and support from the group.  Particularly enjoyed the final exercise.”
Andy P

“Informative, friendly, relaxing, helps think of technical and creative ways of making fine art.  It’s got me drawing and painting again.  It was a well rounded course.”
Jenny H

“A very organised course teaching the basics of drawing techniques ending up with more creative approaches.  I learnt to be more confident and experiment with techniques I didn’t know beforehand.”
Pepita H

“Very informative and enjoyable. Good experience if you have an interest or hobby.  Great to meet people at your level.  Brian is a great teacher, the class is very relaxed and [small] size of class is good too.”
Bernadette C

“It was really creative! There were rules but methodologies we can use and shape to our own style.”
Kate P

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