Summer Holiday art workshops

Your most creative 4 weeks in August – in Manchester

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August 2019 Art Workshops: 3 summer workshops allowing you the chance to fully learn and explore a variety of art materials in-depth. Discover top-tips in how to get the most from charcoal, drawing inks, soluble pencil crayons and a whole lot more.

Join us this August in our sun-filled studio for a fun-filled series of summer art workshops.  It’s an art experience you will benefit from for a long time afterwards.

Manchester is an inspirational city: Stay a while longer in Manchester and discover how much creativity the city has to offer.

Great for Beginners, improvers and intermediate artists – everyone is made welcome.

Thurs + Fri | 1 + 2 

Intro to Creative drawing

Technical drawing | creative mixed media

August – Summer 2019: This course is designed to help beginners learn and develop their creative drawing skills, as well as those with some experience of drawing who wish to improve their skills further.   

Learn further skills to improve your drawing methodology; strengthen your composition skills; enhance your observational skills; and free up your creative flow. The creative drawing and mixed media projects will explore the use of pencil; pen and wash; and a very versatile and creative mixed media painting technique.

Journey towards unlocking your creative potential.  Take the next steps to establishing confident drawing, mixed media and creative skills.

Thurs + Fri | 15 + 16 

Intro to Charcoal + graphite

Willow + Compressed Charcoal | Graphite | Pencil

August – Summer 2019: Discover the freedom of drawing with willow charcoal, the emotive power of compressed charcoal, the joy of gestural mark making with graphite, and the closely observed details you can achieve when drawing in pencil.

Improve your use of tone, shading and blending with putty and plastic erasers, and other techniques to give you a greater sense of creative freedom and self expression. 

Perfect for all students who wish to learn the expressive qualities of working in monochrome tones in a variety of materials allowing breadth of vision to detailed studies.

Mon + Tues | 19 + 20 

Intro to Pastel Painting

Soft chalk pastels | Oil pastels

August – Summer 2019: We will be learning the art of using pastel painting materials which include soft pastels and oil pastels. Discover the variety of creative ways you can use pastels in both dry and soluble form which gives you a broad range of styles to work in. 

Pastel painting allows you to achieve stunning results almost immediately – so join us and dive into a world of colour and texture that allows you tremendous creative freedom.

Perfect for all students who wish to learn about the expressive qualities and stunning colours of soft chalk and oil pastels.

Choosing the right course

Courses are grouped into 4 strands, each with a different focus. 
Create your own patchwork of courses depending on your interest and availability. 
There is no specific starting point.


Fundamental building blocks applicable to all art styles


Materials + techniques to fall in love with


Stand out – learn to develop a strong artistic voice.


Ongoing development away from formal courses

What can I expect

Structured learning
Carefully structured teaching that will lead you step by step, giving you the confidence to try new things.  

Individual attention
Loads of individual 1:1 encouragement to explore, experiment and discover.

Inclusive + personalised learning
A teaching style that focuses on your individual needs and is fully accepting of your individuality.

Creativity and technical skills
Teaching that allows you to learn new technical skills and develop your creativity, and leave inspired to continue to develop your skills further at home.

Welcoming studio
The Gallery Studio is a warm, creative and friendly space offering a relaxed informal, yet focused, teaching style.

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