Manchester Artists Book Fair

I went to the 6th Manchester Artists Book Fair at the Holden Gallery at MMU.  What a delightful and exciting exhibition this was – packed full of creative ideas – in such a wide variety of book formats.

I was hoping that an artist by the name of David Barton would be there as I’d missed out on buying one of his books last year – and I was kicking myself!  He makes these beautiful little books full of exquisit imaginative figurative line drawings.  Agonishingly sensitive and sparse, filled with space for your imagination to delve.  I came away with 3 of his books titled ” Lost lines”, Lost identity” and “Crowded out”.  Each one is accompanied by a short poetic explanation about his approach to his drawings.

Here’s just a flavour –

“Lost Lines
Loose ends

Lines lost
Let slip through my inadequacy
Snatched up and re-animated by the image
Renewed and transformed
Into itself”

I think his drawings represent the attitude and frame of mind we should all approach our drawings with – whether figurative or from our imagination.

Totally inspiring!
I must get some drawings done…