More School and Community Art Projects

Window of Light

I worked with the patients and staff in the secure mental health ward at Park House, North Manchester General Hospital over a 6 month period.  They wanted to create a permanent installation that would support the recovery of patients and improve the visitor experience for family and friends.

This community and participatory arts project resulted in a superb ‘Window of Light’ that is the inspiration and vision of the patients and created during design and glass painting workshops I led at the hospital.

Meadowbrook Mural

Start in Salford commissioned me to work with the service users at Meadowbrook secure mental health ward at Hope Hospital to create a vibrant artwork to brighten up the restaurant and inspire the community of service users, staff and visitors.

I worked closely with the service users and staff over a number of participatory workshops and supported them to develop their confidence and create their own vision for the final artwork.  I chose to use ‘sand art’ as the medium to work with as it is very therapeutic, versatile and unusual.  The service users loved the process and the final artwork they created which will be there to remind them of their unique creativity every lunchtime.

Brookvale primary: The sandstone mystery

I was commissioned by Curious Minds to work with the year 4 pupils to explore the mystery behind the sandstone blocks situated near the front of their school.  The pupils researched local history, uncovered local stories, investigated geography, undertook research in their local library and celebrated all they had found out through the creation of a contemporary stone structure to echo the original.

I worked with the children who each carved their own stone block with an image chosen to reflect the facts and information they discovered through their research.


Rainsough Scout Totem pole

I was commissioned by the Rainsough cubs and scouts to work with them to create a hand carved wooden Totem Pole to celebrate 1oo years of a scouting community in Rainsough.  I worked with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts on design workshops to discover what was important to them about scouting.  I then presented them with a concept based on their ideas.

I hand carved the final Totem Pole from a reclaimed oak railway sleeper and installed it on-site to celebrate the fantastic work and achievements of the Scout group and inspire future generations to continue the local scouting community.

Waterways Trust: Rochdale Canal

I won a commission from the Waterways Trust to work with a group of young people at Fairbridge North West to create a permanent installation at Bridge 51 along the Rochdale Canal to celebrate the wildlife, biodiversity, history and contemporary uses of the Canal.

I worked with a colleague to run participatory creative hands-on practical workshops with the young people at Fairbridge and developed concept designs based on their ideas and contributions.  These were fabricated in steel and installed on the bridge walls for posterity.

Springhead Primary: Kites Galore

Oldham LEA commissioned me to work with year 3 pupils on a project to help the transition from Nursery school.  We explored kites from around the world, learnt the science behind what makes them fly, and made kites to fly on the school fields.  I translated the pupils kite designs onto wood panels and installed them outdoors for the pupils to interact with during break and the teachers to use as a teaching tool during lessons.

There is an installation at both the nursery and primary schools offering the pupils a familiar sights to help ease the transition between schools.

Gorton Community landmark project

I was commissioned by United Utilities and Groundwork MSSTT to deliver a public community consultation project with a strong focus on community participation that would result in an artwork installation by Gorton Reservoir. I and a colleague delivered a series of public consultation events alongside a series of practical hands-on creative participatory workshops with schools and community groups.

The artwork they produced was installed as part of the final artwork and sculptures we created.  These included a bronze sculpture of a newt, hand carved reclaimed stone, mosaics and bronze plaques.  The completed installation is used as a popular seating and play area by visitors and local residents.

Lees Street Mosaics

Lees Street Congregational Church asked me to support them in creating 4 large-scale themed mosaics for their church. I held a consultation day for the community to bring ideas, images and suggestions for what they would like to see in the designs.  I progressed their ideas and developed 4 full-size paper designs which we translated onto boards.

I worked with the mosaic group to start off the mosaic designs and then left them to continue on their own.  After a year of hard work they invited me back for the inaugural blessing of the stunning new mosaics.

AWE Mosaics

I worked with Cartwheel Arts and Bubble Enterprises to support a group of adults in learning new craft and mosaic skills with the aim of starting their own small craft businesses. I ran a 10 week participatory mosaic course and worked with the group to develop their design and mosaic making skills.

The final designs were a stunning achievement for the group and all participants finished the workshops inspired and determined to develop their new skills further.

Heather Street mural

Manchester City Council commissioned me to work on a project alongside Groundwork MSSTT to support a group of residents to create a new community space within the back-alley between 2 rows of terraced houses.  The group I worked with expressed an interest in painting a mural the length of about 15 terraced houses.  

I worked with the group of families within the local community over a period of a few months on the design and painting of the boards, enabling the residents to take ownership and steer the project in the direct they wanted.  The result after much dedicated hard work, was this stunning mural that celebrates local history, for all residents to enjoy in the new shared communal space.


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