Matisse: Jan 2019

On a cold winters day 10 intrigued students gathered together in my warm studio overlooking Ancoats to discover what they could learn about Matisse and The Fauves art movement.  This was the 2nd short workshop in my series of 3, about the Modern Masters who heralded the era of New Modernism in art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Danielle thought the workshop was “Excellent, thorough and well presented”.  She learnt “how to express emotion and feelings in paint” and found the tutor (me!) really personable and calm, creative and offered good critique” to help her learn and progress.

These workshops run on Tuesday evenings 3 times a year on those months with 5 weeks.

Student Testimonials

“Interesting, absorbing, stimulating.  Learned lots. Fun.  My first ry at acrylics – learned about the use of colour, shape, etc to convey emotion and energy.  I thought it was fab.  caters for all ages [of adults] and experience.”
Pam B

“Great well worth treating yourself. Helped me to consider emotion when painting again, now aware of different ways.”
Helen C

“Extremely well structured session to allow personal creativity to come through.  Starting from emotions – using colour, shape and gesture to express this.”  Barbara would recommend this workshop as it helps you to “look at things differently, learning a new way to do a painting.  Her highlight was ” being inspired again.”
Barbara B

“Interesting and challenging” I learnt about ” colour-expression and emotion.”

“Informative and a great experience for something different to do.”  Simone’s highlight was “meeting new people and sharing techniques.”
Simone M

“Relaxed environment, time passed so quickly, wonderful environment for painting.  I have learnt to focus my painting on my own emotion, rather than the object.  fantastic as a refresher course.  Ashton’s highlight was the “excellent 10 minute PowerPoint discussing shape, colour and paint.”
Ashton W

“Fun, intense, creative, a really good learning hand-on experience.  Using emotion and being really in tough with it.  Catherine would recommend this workshop as you “learn with a friendly group of people and an inspiring tutor.” The highlight for her was working in “colour!”
Catherine M

For full course details and to find out more about the Modern Master series: CLICK  HERE