Matisse – May 2022

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience where you can learn, enjoy and be free to express how you use line, colour shape and gesture to express emotions…”

Jay E
A lovely evening sharing with students all about how the Fauve artists like Matisse brought colour and emotion to the forefront of self-expression. Really worthwhile workshop that I hope has helped students learn about the expressive quality of colour, shape and gesture from Matisse‘s techniques, and how they may apply this to their own work at home.
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Student Comments

“The class was relaxed and friendly. I learned about the association of colour and emotion – and how the Fauvists and especially Matisse worked with colour. [My course highlights were] discussions of Matisse’s technique – historical content and ways of working. The course has met my expectations and was very enjoyable.”
Lisa S

“Very relaxing! Good mix of theory and practical. How to mix colours… now understand how to paint more with feeling rather than just what I see.” My course highlights were the “background theory was very interesting, enjoyed the practical.” It has motivated me to try further courses in future and to have a go at painting at home.”
Sue B

“No pressure, great guidance and all resources provided. A real sense of achievement at the end and great to share our attempts. I learnt to consider energy in my painting and to do it via brush stroked, direction and colour. I felt better at expressing specific emotions in my paintings. [My course highlights were] individual guidance and explanations. I did find the explanation at the beginning long-winded as I really wanted to get on with the practical activity.”
Jeanette D
“Informative, chance to experiment, all materials provided. [My course highlight was] playing and experimenting.”
Ruth B
” A well-paced exploratory lesson focusing on colour, gesture, and emotions. Good regardless of your ability. I have learnt to be more expressive with the choices I make when I paint. [My course highlight was] looking at the different emotions represented in paint. I feel I now have new tools to use in my own work at home.”
Richard K
“I would definitely recommend. [I have learnt] about moods and colours within your paintings. Was pleased with my work. [The course] met my needs as a beginner.”
Brenda F
“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience where you can learn, enjoy and be free to express how you use line, colour shape and gesture to express emotions, not worrying about perspective. [My course highlights were] painting the different states of emotions, reviewing peoples work.”
Jay E