Matisse – The Modern Masters – Nov 2021

“Great experience, leant how to use colour and shape in a more artistic way – learnt a lot.”

Tyrone R

It was fun to be teaching my Modern Master series again – this time focussing on Matisse.  Students listened with interest to the theory bit outlining all that Matisse brought to the artworld and finding out what we can learn and apply to our own art.  Equally students relished the opportunity to put it all into practice during the painting projects for the remainder of the session.  A nice balance between theory and practical.  Read further to find out what the students thought of the workshop.

Student Comments

“Therapeutic! and varied – great to see so many sources about the different [art] movements/styles by Matisse.”
Amelia H

“Friendly, non threatening, informative, non-judgemental.” I learned about “feelings and colours and shapes”. The workshop met my expectations as “I learned and that’s what I came for.”
Linda M

“It was satisfying and rewarding.” I learnt how “emotion blends with art” and the course met my expectations as I learnt to “understand art in a different way.”
Tom R

“Fab – appreciate art more! The whole thing was interesting and fun. It met all my expectation.”
Ian S

“Liberating and joyful” I learned “how to mindfully use colour and shape to paint moods [as part of a ] crash course in the Fauves.”
Hannah P