Mixed media textures – May 2018

Mixed media: 5-6 May 2018

Over a bright sunny warm weekend in Manchester the studio was buzzing with students experimenting with old and new ways of creating visual and tactile textures in their drawings and paintings using mixed media techniques – along with an abundance of imagination.  Cathy described her experience as, “A great exploration of texture.  Excellent way to unleash/re-kindle creativity.”  She also thought that the studio was a, “great venue, excellent teacher, not too crowded”.  Read further to find out what the other students thought about their 2 days playing and experimenting with using mixed media textures to create imaginative landscapes.

Student comments

“Really interesting course that introduces lots of mixed media techniques and shows how to work with paint to create abstract pictures. Brian is an excellent teacher who creates a friendly and supportive environment.” [the highlight of the weekend was the] “creative 2 semi-abstract landscapes”.
Jackie P

“Definitely a journey to learn and understand how materials come together to create something.  I have a greater understanding of the complexities when using different materials, I had very fixed views about creating images and this course has opened up my imagination to other possibilities.”
Julie H

“Very enjoyable – covers a lot of techniques and are given lots of tips re making your own polyfilla, etc.  It is very friendly, very welcoming to all levels of skill and just very enjoyable.”
Rachael W

“Gives you a really good starting point and chance to experience techniques with very good teaching. Great approach and style of teaching. Very accessible.”
Jayne H

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