Mixed Media: textures – March 2019

“Lets you focus on technique. Enjoyable weekend. Weird and wonderful materials.”

Anna D

On a cold windy day when winter weather made a sudden return to Manchester, we took shelter in a cosy and warm studio while the windows were battered with snow, rain and hail. Students arrived excited, yet some felt a little apprehensive at the start of the course. They were welcomed with a warm smile, a friendly invite into the studio, and offered tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits with time to settle, meet other students, get comfortable and familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

Read on to discover what the other students thought of the course.


“Excellent – I would recommend the course.” I found the “structured learning” useful, as well as “the good materials, positive environment, well thought out and “reflective“ atmosphere in the studio reasons why I would recommend this course.
David F

“Absolutely loved it. 1st day was not what I expected and I was a bit overwhelmed but the 2nd day pulled everything together and I really enjoyed myself. Pushed me out of my comfort zone to try techniques and compositions I wouldn’t normally do.” I would recommend this course because of the “Great teaching, great group dynamics. Useful learning techniques to use in whatever art or craft you are doing.”
Stephanie L

“Definitely recommend. Brian is a great teacher, he understands; technique, how it fits together, is positive and helps build a clear process of instructions. He is super clear and inspires confidence. A great investment of time and effort. Learnt a hell of a lot in just 2 fun days.”
Roger S

“Very creative – thinking about techniques and textures. Got out of my comfort zone. Learned to experiment and worry less about the outcome. Found out about different materials to add texture.”
Anna D

“A whole new experience – very abstract – makes you think. Great venue, great tutor, great people, interesting debates.”
Jane T

“The best art course I have ever been on. Brian is a natural teacher and excellent at giving feedback. Relaxing – A complete break from life. Fantastic to bounce ideas about.”
Diane N

“Great introduction to a variety of techniques and how these can achieve different results. Good instructions to assist in applying the ideas.” I would recommend the course because it “improves confidence in experimenting with materials so that the process doesn’t feel too intimidating.”
Emma R

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