Mixed Media Textures – March 2023

“The course was fun, educational, friendly, full of ideas to use at home to develop textures in the future.”

Pam B

This was the first 1-day version of the original 2-day weekend course on Mixed Media Textures. The new format worked a treat and the studio was awash with materials, experimentation and exploration of new ideas. The students collaborated and shared ideas and techniques which was a wonderful environment to be in for a day of learning and creativity. I certainly enjoyed teaching and leading the students.

Read further to find out what they thought of their experience.

Student Comments

“A great day, person centred, to enable individual creativity to shine! No pressure. Non-judgemental. A great way to explore acrylics + techniques. [I have learnt] many different ways of using texture via paint and other adhesive items. How to add texture as a dominant or recessive part of a composition. [My course highlight was] all of it! Brian’s patience and encouragement. It was everything I expected and more! Thank you! 
Tracey R

“It was a wonderful and freeing day of experimentation in ways to improve texture in artworks. I’ve learnt lots of ways to create low and high relief in my art and look forward to experimenting more. I now have lots of ways to cerate relief – which I wanted to learn.”
Hazel B

“A day packed with useful and interesting techniques for creating a variety of textures using various materials and the varying qualities of paint. [I have learnt] how to use everyday materials to create textures and the different ways of gluing pieces to paper – emulsion, PVA, acrylic. [The course] definitely met my expectation and has given me confidence to have a go at everything we’ve done again at home.”
Val S

“Brilliant course exploring lots of different techniques to build texture. Brian was a fabulous teacher. [The course] fully met my expectation.”
Andrea W

“Lovely, encouraging, everything [about the course met my expectations].”
Shabana H

“The course was fun, educational, friendly, full of ideas to use at home to develop textures in the future. Learned lots about techniques to create texture and apply paint to the surface. And how to make your own polyfilla – with baby talc. [My course highlight was] steeping myself in art for a full day and learning lots. I didn’t really know what to expect so it was all interesting. Lots of ideas for the future.”
Pam B