Mixed media: textures – Nov 2016

Mixed media Diary: 26-27 Nov 2016

mixed-media-composition-1 The Mixed media: textures course this weekend was a really fun filled weekend of experimentation, exploration and a lot of interaction between the students comparing results, sharing ideas and techniques and learning from each other.

I did lots of technique demonstrations for the students which them enabled them to go and carry out their own experiments.  Both days ended with the opportunity for students to create their own mixed media textural paintings using acrlyic paints and a whole bunch of other materials and techniques.


Texture experiments
Texture experiments
Texture experiments
Texture experiments
Texture experiments
Texture experiments

Student Quotes
“Really relaxed, well structured, productive. Time flies! Previously I was reserved in regards to painting but now I have learnt so many new techniques I feel confident beginning anything.” Maddie T

“It was fun, positive and a great learning experience.  Just a great way to spend the weekend.” Julia T

Good practical course, plenty of ideas.  Good fun, but serious, you will learn things.” Julie C

“A techniques packed course. Relaxed teaching environment, learnt so many techniques using items which you would already have at home instead of buying expensive specialist materials.” Yvonne F

“Well structured course.  Excellent teaching – not too much time demonstrating – just enough to get us going, then good regular feedback and ideas and suggestions.  I journeyed from being apprehensive about beginning, to feelings of elation looking at my finished painting.” Barbara B

textures-students-3 textures-students-1 mixed-media-students-4 mixed-media-students-1

“It’s been simultaneously exhilarating, exhausting, inspirational…” Simon A

“Very interesting and productive, a profusion of new ideas. I found it extremely enjoyable, and inspiring and very useful.” Julie D

“Brilliant experience. Great course, wonderful tutor.  Learnt loads of different techniques.  to be freer and more experimental.” Val C

Day 1

The day featured lots of experimenting with textures, techniques and materials building ideas and methods so that by the end of the day students felt a lot more confident to have a go at creating their own textured composition.

Day 2

Today continued with me doing more demonstrations to showcase more techniques and more ways to create textures and high relief into paintings and drawings.  The day followed the same structure – experimenting in the morning and ending off with the chance for students to put all their new ideas into their own textural composition.

It was great fun and the group of students got along so well, sharing ideas, supporting each other and generally being really positive – which all added to a great studio atmosphere.