Picasso: April 2019

“Incredibly insightful experience. Quality teaching and encouraging advice.

Kiana M

I taught the 3rd in the series of Modern Masters art workshops this Tuesday evening.  A wonderful group of 10 students gathered together to discover what Cubism was all about, how they could learn from Picasso and see how it could help them improve their own drawing and painting.  Suzanne P described her experience as “very relaxing way to get into drawing still life. To use colours outside of my comfort zone – really enjoyed it.”

A number of students had already attended some of the previous 2 workshops in the series so they were able to understand how previous artists had contributed to Picasso’s ideas.  I look forward to welcoming the other students on future workshops so they can build up a good understanding how the ideas that built Modern Art developed rapidly from the mid-late 18 century to the early 20th century. Read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

“Fun, relaxing.  It’s a unique experience that frees your mind and lets you express yourself.”
Laura F

“Motivational, Exciting.  I learnt to understand why Cubism’s ideas allow us to play with [traditional] perspective.”
David F

“Loved it! I was a bit apprehensive.  Cubism isn’t what I’d call my cup of tea, but the references were really interesting and the way the task was set really helped me to let loose.  Learnt more about the origins and inspiration for Cubism – very interesting and helped build my own interpretation – realised there’s much more skill and depth to it.”
Vanessa S

“Incredibly insightful experience.  Quality teaching and encouraging advice.   I learned a lot and expressed myself.  Thank you.”  I learnt about the “background info on the artist and what techniques he used.  The movement dates and periods and how to make dominant shapes and let loose.  I would recommend the workshop as it gave me an “insightful learning of techniques and understanding of artist and just because its fun.”  My course highlight was “it was all a highlight… thank you Brian.”
Kiana M

“Brian gives you the opportunity to explore your ideas and express yourself.  My understanding improved during the course of the evening.”
Andy R

“Friendly, non threatening, affirmative learning with clear input plus hands on with gentle support.  I learnt about the early 20th century opening up of ways of looking and translating these into a work of art without traditional constraints.  Good fun, good learning – opening up techniques, loosening.” My course highlight was “Brian’s support and teaching.”
Catherine M

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