Picasso – October 2020

“Well explained history of the artist followed by plenty of time for creating our work.”

Richard J

The 3rd in my annual series of 3 workshops about key Modern artists of the early 20th century.  I love teaching these single session workshops as they are a mix of art theory and practical painting projects.  I really believe a little art theory is important to help artists at all skills levels, even beginners, understand why we do things the way we do today – all techniques have a history – and these workshops shine a light on where they come from.

Read further to find out what the students thought of the workshop.

Student comments

“Background into Picasso, great theory and practical experience. A practical hands on experience.”
Mariam B

“I have learnt the philosophy and context of Cubism and it has changed my perspective on this genre, helping me to see beyond the shapes.  Nice environment, good art context, plenty of time to draw.”
Richard J

“A practical workshop that gives an interesting overview of techniques used by Picasso and Braque with an opportunity to create a fantastic cubist-inspired study from multiple viewpoints.  Lots of opportunity to practice.”
Stephen R

“It was great to have Picasso’s development into Cubism explained so well, as was his influence on artists rthat followed him.  All of it was brilliant – as usual.”
Sue M