Realistic Drawing – Feb 2023

“I learnt some good techniques – more than expected. Very enjoyable!

Karen P

Every course I teach has its own studio dynamics and this Realistic drawing course always creates a quiet focused studio. Critical observation when aiming for high accuracy takes concentration and quiet and I love this mood as it descends over the studio. It reminds me of my days designing in a professional design studio! It was wonderful teaching this group of students all the skills they need to go and practice to transform their drawings into ever more accurate and realistic looking drawings.

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Student Comments

“A great course to get into drawing and learn the techniques you need to improve. I have learnt about the drawing process, measuring, how to use tone and colour which helps me to create more realistic drawings. [My course highlights were] the drawing techniques and having plenty of time to practice them. [The course] met all my expectations. I wanted drawing techniques and I got them!”
Maxine H

“I learnt some good techniques – more than expected. Very enjoyable! [I learnt] techniques for planning my drawings and completing them. Also use of colour. [My course highlights were] just being able to be completely absorbed in doing something creative. Much more intense than I expected. Thank you for an instructive and thoroughly enjoyable weekend!”
Karen P

“Really practical techniques and tips to improve my drawing skills. Friendly approachable. A chance to focus on drawing for a continuous time with no distractions. Hoping to use techniques to incorporate into painting. Also will inspire me to draw for its own sake. [My course highlights were] good clear demonstrations of techniques of drawing. Friendly atmosphere. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it has taught me what I wanted to know.”
Cathy J

“Very in-depth and detailed. [I have learnt] how to use measuring techniques to help proportion and use colour. I learnt a lot which I will take further.”
Kelsey H

“An intensive course focusing on technique. It reinforced previous learning on measuring and use of different kinds of pencils. New learning on shading and other Stage 4 and 5 skills and use of colour pencils. [The course] was what I wanted – all good.”
Mary B