Realistic drawing: Jan 2022

“Do it! I’ve learnt how to look and measure. Confidence.”

Ruth C

I love teaching this course and was overjoyed to have 10 willing students along for the ride! The most amazing thing about this course is how it teaches students to improve their looking and seeing with a logical approach to drawing and a range of techniques to help train their perceptual vision. There is so much that goes into how we draw and this weekend provides really valuable foundational skills to get you started and to help students improve the accuracy of what they draw. Can’t wait to teach the next course later this year. Read further to find out what the students thought of their weekend experience.

Student Comments

“Loved it – wanted to improve skills. Brian is patient and good at pointing out how to work with your current style whilst improving. Big bonus – sessions are fun and relaxed.” My course highlights were “working with graphite pencils and other new materials, having the instruction and seeing that using a material I didn’t really use much before can do more than I thought. Learnt new skills and built a foundation.”
Emma H

“Very informative, non-intimidating, nice relaxed atmosphere. It has given me the confidence to carry on drawing. Great course, thank you.”
Paul C

“Great, loads of info as usual. Finally ‘got’ the art of measuring.” My course highlight was “coloured pencils allowed for more freedom.”
Jo M

“Fantastic. I saw real improvement from teh first day. Really informative, really enjoyable.”
Qira C

“Really well taught. Challenging – a real sense of achievement.” The course was “everything I’d hoped for.” 
Jo R

“Intense but rewarding.” The best bits were “understanding of shade and light to help with 3D. [The course] more than [met my expectations] although was hard work!”
Jane R

“Positive, mutually supportive, plenty of time to practice fundamentals, helpful feedback. Feel more confident about the underpinning elements of my drawing and feel more able to correct own mistakes.”
Sarah M

“It’s a great experience for me as a person without drawing background.” My course highlight was “the colouring piece [drawing] is actually beyond my expectations although I found it difficult.”
Tainan W

“Provides the opportunity/focus to see objects in detail which can add to the quality of work. Met and exceeded my expectations and has provided encouragement to carry on!”
Gwyn D