Realistic drawing level 1: May 2022

“Wonderful experience. Loved every minute of it. I look forward to attending more courses in the future.”

Hannah F

A great course to teach that supports students in gaining the skills to observe objects more accurately and really understand the form and structure in order to render objects more accurately and realistically.  Loads of techniques and methods of looking are shared with some quite intense drawing sessions. But I love supporting students so help and guidance is always on hand. Read further to find out what students thought about their experience.

Student Comments

“I learnt a great deal, enjoyed the teaching and the environment. I have learnt the drawing process and feel I now have the basic skills/foundation form which I can develop.”
Ged F

“The course provided so many answers to gaps in my knowledge and experience of drawing. [My course highlights were] just being able to think of nothing but the work – very relaxing for me.”
Sue P

“Perfect for a beginner! There are friendly and supportive people around to motivate you to improve your drawing skills. It’s great for improving your confidence and increasing your creative skills. [My course highlights were] all of it! Wonderful teaching style and really enjoyed my experience. The course has met my expectations and gave me confidence in my art. I want to keep improving and would be happy to return for more courses in the future.”
Hannah F

“Absolutely fantastic. It has helped me join the dots of past sketching and underpin it with process. The group size is perfect and is really enjoyable to ‘go on the journey’ with everyone. I have genuinely shocked myself with the work I have produced. I have to say colour was an unexpected enjoyment. 100% recommend to others.”
Lewis K

“Lots of fun. Learned new techniques to help me when I get home. Enjoyed it all. The balance between being taught and the drawing exercises was perfect. My second course with brian – all very informative. Feels like it is done at a relaxed pace but you actually achieve a lot in a weekend. Never left foundering Brian constantly walks round and jumps in and saves you from drowning just in time”
Dawn R

“Found the explanation of methodology, process and technique extremely helpful – although I am a complete novice found it clear and understandable. Translating this into drawing was challenging for me but Brian was always supportive and instructive. I now have a good toolkit to practice my drawing. [My course highlight was that] it moved at a good pace – nice supportive group – positive feedback.”
Steve G