Realistic Drawing, level 1 – May 2023

“Challenging but immensely rewarding.”

Joe H

We enjoyed a lovely weekend focusing on detail and structure. This course is always quieter and calmer than some of my other courses as more time is needed for focused concentration to achieve the high level of detail that is required to draw realistically. With a small group I was able to offer more 1:1 tuition and guidance. IT was wonderful to see the students confidence and skills develop over the weekend.

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Student Comments

“Very useful and enjoyable. I enjoyed the challenge [it took me] outside my comfort zone. [The course] met my expectations and more.”

“Challenging but immensely rewarding. Feel like the framework I’ve studied will certainly improve my drawing. [I have learnt] how to structure an approach to drawing – not just randomly attack pen to paper. Layering, tone/colour.”
Joe H

“Very interesting and helpful with drawing and skills. [Learned about] composition, structure, measurements, shadows and hatching. The course exceeded my expectations.”