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Andrew BoultonAndrew Boulton
16:56 07 Jan 24
I attended the learn to draw and paint course and found it very stimulating, informative and above all fun! It's a great mix of technical learning and putting it straight into practice. Brian is clearly a very experienced artist and teacher.
Anthony SnellAnthony Snell
10:57 08 Dec 23
I have attended 3 stimulating and rewarding terms with Brian throughout this year as I've explored and developed my creativity. Starting with the basics of drawing, perspective, and tone, exploring different media, and working through an engaging creative process. As well as educational and rewarding, I've discovered the joy and pleasure of spending more of my own time creating art. If you want to invigorate your creativity this is the place to go!
Jeff HarpinJeff Harpin
13:20 04 Dec 23
I have done 3 terms with Brian and have thoroughly enjoyed each course. The pace of teaching and content is excellent and has significantly improved both my technique and my creativity. Learning how to use and develop ideas in a sketch book has given me great confidence in thinking about and developing positive outcomes for my own projects and work. Thoroughly recommend
Maria FerrerMaria Ferrer
20:57 15 Oct 23
This course has been a lovely experience: teacher, location, atmosphere and the great people that I shared my weekend with were so chill but hart working at the same time. I feel light and so happy with everything that I learnt and expressed.Highly recommended to anyone who want to be present and joyful.
Sue M.Sue M.
21:17 09 Sep 23
19th August, 2023 - Attending classes at Brian Raymond’s independent art school has given me precious learning opportunities and creative experiences that were not possible at a university or college. For a start we have all been given one-to-one tuition, face-to-face, by Brian, whose teaching is magical and inspirational.Creative Art Courses, AWOL Studios, Pollard Street, Manchester is where to go to learn about art, about human nature, about life. People come there from all over the world, from far and wide. It’s the coolest place to be!4th September, 2023 - Monday night and back at Life Drawing Ancoats when we’ll be drawing fast and energetic short poses! I love going to Life Drawing Ancoats at AWOL Studios, Ancoats every week! It’s a friendly, welcoming space where beginners and more experienced artists can meet to draw creative, professional models in a variety of timed poses from short and mixed length to long, full session poses and portraits. Although run by Brian, there’s no tuition, but there is a lot of encouragement. It’s always good to draw alongside other human beings and learn from each other’s work!30th and 31st October, 2021, Creative Drawing Level 2 Course was a wonderfully inspiring and fruitful experience. As usual, Brian had planned our activities meticulously, so that each individual in the group, all coming from very different art backgrounds, could learn and develop in their own way to explore different creative ways of using materials, to move away from a representational approach, to become more expressive, and to start creating a more personalised imagery. He gave us visual thinking techniques, allowing us to play with the Art Elements and experiment with materials, to become more open to their possibilities. We learned how the picture-making could evolve as we became more flexible in our approach to composition. It was liberating to be given permission to welcome the 'unexpected'.The whole experience was a delight and I'd like to thank Brian for taking us along this wonderful creative art journey. Thank you.Sue M.
Alistair LaneAlistair Lane
09:40 11 Apr 22
I found the Essential Drawing Foundations course quite challenging, especially in the first couple of weeks, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the obvious enthusiasm of Brian. It was great to learn to approach drawing in a different way, and I recommend the course to anyone seeking to gain greater understanding of the artistic process and improve their mark making.
Kate MacKate Mac
18:40 23 Feb 22
Brian's excellent introduction to drawing and painting was from the outset thoroughly enjoyable, challenging and inspiring. His friendly, professional approach and his obvious desire for us to enjoy ourselves whilst exploring the creative process was clear throughout. His skill at keeping us engaged the whole weekend was very impressive and I loved the whole experience. I'd highly recommend Brian's courses and will be booking another one for myself in the future.
Limo Yang (MoMo)Limo Yang (MoMo)
22:26 29 Jan 22
I really enjoyed Brian's class, it's very professional and interesting. The environment is amazing for anyone wish to be creative. I will definitely be going back for more classes! Thank you so much 🙂
Suzanne BethellSuzanne Bethell
09:12 12 Jan 19
Fantastic, creative, inspirational courses with a great blend of structured group tuition and sensitive, focussed individual support which means each person is able to develop and deepen their own style. A highly experienced tutor and artist, Brian creates an environment in which beginners and more experienced artists feel comfortable to experiment and learn from each other. Beginning with short warm up and experimental exercises which are fun and gently challenging, you are prepared for a longer session in which you work on a final piece. There is structure and flexibility. I started with a Contemporary Still Life course and went on to complete 2 other weekend courses and Art Elements. Each time I was inspired and found my practice developed in exciting, creative ways.
17:46 10 Jan 19
Creative Art Courses are brilliant for anyone who is interested in any type of art, whether a total beginner or more advanced. I particularly enjoyed the weekend Saturday/Sunday courses and learnt a great deal as a total beginner to start with. Brian is very inspiring, knowledgeable and a very relaxed tutor who anyone would feel totally at home with. I'm so pleased I found his courses a few years ago as he certainly set me on the road to having some faith in myself in becoming an artist. Whether you fancy art just as an interest for enjoyment or whether you wish to become a real artist in any way, Creative Art Courses are certainly an excellent starting point and one to stick with for all the different aspects of the subject. I'm sure you will find them worthwhile and enjoyable.
Brian RaymondBrian Raymond
14:02 15 Nov 16
Very friendly, informative teacher. Well equipped studio, nice environment. The course was well structured - moving and building well on each step of learning as you go. Great fun.

Below is a small selection of student reviews

“The course is so well structured yet relaxed and informal and Brian is a great tutor who is very aware of how to support and guide you throughout each exercise. I have learned a great deal about drawing and composition in a short space of time and it has been fun to do.”
Jill W
“…as with all Brian’s courses he manages to break down topics into bite size pieces which certainly helps me in my understanding of the various principles.”
Maria M
“Very different to usual drawing workshops, exciting and pushes you into very different and interesting ways of drawing.”
Barbara H
“It was a really enjoyable course which offered me a good understanding of the tools and techniques I needed to learn to draw. I would highly recommend Brian as a teacher.”
James E
“Excellent, well structured and set at just the right pace. You will leave with a range of exercises and techniques – more importantly ways of applying it to your own work.”
Sue R
“This is a life changing experience – I see the world in a different way and feel a new bravery and excitement about being creative.”
Jackie P
“Really very interesting. I learned loads! It’s helped me change the way I look at art and my approach to it.”
Max E
“Liberating, it’s 2.5 hours where you don’t think about anything apart from what’s right in front of you. It’s so freeing to make whatever mark you feel and it to come together.”
Rosie A
“Fantastic teaching. Brian is helpful, patient and non-judgemental in his teaching and he explains things in such a way that it is easy to understand.”
Charmaine B
“A very good introduction to a range of drawing and painting techniques, ideal for someone like me who has not picked up a pencil or brush for 40 years.”
Steve J
“Definitely worth doing for learning new ways of approaching drawing.”
Bryn H
“I’ve learnt that art is meant to be creative, that it should be expressive, fun and individual – it does not have to be a carbon copy of reality.”
Natasha D
“Strongly recommend. Relaxing, thoughtful and pleasurable learning experience.”
Philip L
“I had not drawn in 10 years. Really helpful… It was genuinely great. Nothing to add.”
Olivier M
“I started the course as a beginner. I have literally learnt everything – line, tone, colour, space, texture, pattern. I have also learnt confidence to try varied types of art and to experiment. This has been achieved by Brian’s careful lesson planning and his interest in individual problems.”
Nan D

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  1. Gillian Bruce
    15 November 2022 @ 12:42 pm

    I really enjoyed my first course with Brian – ‘Expressive Drawing’ it was well structured and full of inspiration. I will be back again for more, thanks Brian.


    • artfulantics
      16 November 2022 @ 8:29 pm

      Hi Gilli. So pleased you enjoyed the course. It was lovely having you join us in the studio for the weekend. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Keep well and keep drawing! Best regards, Brian


  2. Joanne Langston
    28 October 2022 @ 3:58 pm

    Hi Brian

    Thank you for such an inspirational weekend. I felt refreshed in my mind and certain I want to develop my art skills for pleasure and to enhance a sense of calm. Art will become my main hobby to fill any spare time I have and hopefully develop through the process.
    I will definitely be coming back for more tuition and I thank you for a welcoming and enjoyable weekend studying ‘Abstract Art’.


    • artfulantics
      30 October 2022 @ 6:12 am

      Hi Joanne. Great you had a good time on the weekend course and it has been the catalyst for further development in your hobby. Enjoy your abstract art making and I hope you’ll share some of your artworks with us. Kind regards, Brian.


  3. Ged Forkin
    18 September 2022 @ 10:37 am

    It has taken me a while to write this review. Not because I didn’t enjoy the course, i really enjoyed it. But because it has taken a while for the lessons to sink in, the more i practice, the more i see the value of what we were taught. What you learn on the course will set you on the right path, but it is up to you to do the work after and sketch regularly if you want to improve.


    • artfulantics
      21 September 2022 @ 8:05 pm

      Hi Ged
      So glad you enjoyed the Observational Drawing Course last summer. What you say is very true – I cannot emphasize enough what you say. Drawing practice after the course is crucial for it all to sink in and make sense. I do try to give you as much technique and information during the course to take home to ensure students get the most out of their time in the studio. So happy you have found the course worthwhile. Best regards, Brian


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