School + College Art Courses

School + College Art Courses

My extra-curricular drawing courses for schools and colleges teach students core drawing techniques to help improve observation skills and drawing accuracy
while guiding students to create drawings with a deeper clarity of vision.
Courses offer an experiential drawing experience with a balance of theory and practical drawing exercises.
Courses  are fully-structured with an ambitious hands-on teaching style with plenty of 1:1 guided support, encouragement, and age-appropriate critique.


School + College students
Art teachers are encouraged to participate

School + College Art Courses 

My specially planned courses support and compliment learning at GCSE, A-Level, College, HND, BTEC and Foundation level studies. Course delivery is tailored to the differing needs of each level of study.

Drawing from observation is a foundational artistic practice that helps develop rendering skills, builds creative confidence in visual perception, and helps develop a personal creative style and artistic voice in our young artists and designers.

Drawing and developing visual thinking skills is crucial to furthering innovation across the creative sectors from fine art, design, illustration,  product design, architecture and engineering. Drawings completed during these courses will become a valuable addition to students’ submission portfolio for accessing their next level of study.

  • Creative Life Drawing: full course of 20 learning hours (bite-size options available)
    • Drawing from life with a nude life-model
  • Essential Drawing Foundations: full course of 15 learning hours (bite-size options available)
    • Drawing from life with still-life objects
  •  Observational Drawing Techniques: full course of 10 learning hours (bite-size options available)
    • Drawing from life with still life objects

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Student comments

“Loved it! you’ve shown me a different way to approach art and my creativity.  I feel as if you’ve opened up in me a new way of seeing things.  I loved experimenting and exploring ways of doing things.” Donna B

“Extremely challenging-difficulty in understanding some of the concepts. Incredibly stimulating and very enjoyable and thought provoking.” Steve R

“Educational and enlightening. The highlights of the course were drawing the flow of the body and it’s parts.” John P

“Lots of new concepts to explore in a supportive environment. Non-judgemental approach. First attempts at life drawing, really enjoyed it.” Ruth C

Course options

Creative Life drawing

Creative life drawing
A life drawing course that embodies a creative and expressive approach to figure drawing, teaching students core drawing techniques to help improve observation skills and drawing accuracy while developing a deeper clarity of vision. It is not a traditional ‘academic-realist’ course.

Learn techniques to establish the structure and proportions of the human form within 3-dimensional space. Gain insights into why drawers make common perceptive errors and techniques to avoid them. Students will be guided through a series of experiential exercises drawing directly from a nude model capturing the dynamism of the human form.

The course interprets key ideas developed by internationally renowned artist and author Heather Spears in her book ‘The Creative Eye’ .

Essential Drawing Foundations

Essential Drawing Foundations
A still-life course teaching the core skills required to draw well and improve accuracy.
Learning essential drawing techniques will form the foundations to drawing with a new clarity of artistic vision.

Learn a new appreciation of creativity and the process of looking + seeing.  Students will learn practical tips and techniques to help avoid common drawing mistakes.  Students will feel able to draw with increased creativity, accuracy and greater self-confidence. Students will draw a variety of still-life arrangements designed to inspire and support my teaching.

The course interprets key ideas developed by internationally renowned artist and author Heather Spears in her book ‘The Creative Eye’ .

Observational Drawing Techniques

Observational Drawing Techniques
A still life course that teaches core drawing and observational skills. Teaching outlines all the drawing techniques artists use to to improve their ability to draw with more accuracy, realism and detail. Learn a variety of techniques for measuring and observing proportions, angles and relationships with greater realism. 

Measuring techniques are used to train and improve our natural visual perception enhancing our ability to see with more detail and accuracy. Students will have the opportunity to draw using graphite pencils and willow charcoal. Drawing exercises will help students develop their observation of 3D form and structure, and rendering of surface detail and material quality of different surfaces such as leather, fabric, glass, and fruit.

The course will give students new levels of drawing confidence with skills that will form the foundation upon which all future drawing and painting will be built on.

Bespoke Planning

Each course will be tailored to your department’s needs and the learning goals of your students. I am happy to deliver a bespoke course that fits in with your available time and budget. I’m happy to collaborate and work with your art department to plan delivery that fits with your timetable as much as possible.

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