Splodges-draw what you see

Its difficult to give our imaginations time and space to roam free.  This projects is a workout for your imagination.

Challenge Introduction

Draw what you see – introduction to ‘Hirameki’ with an interview with the ‘inventors’.

 Our brains are hard wired to help us understand the world around us.  We need to know what things are – its tough to let things stay abstract – its not how our brains work naturally.  I’m sure we all have the experience of walking round a modern art gallery looking at abstract art and what instantly pops into our head?  “Oh! that looks like….”  It’s hard not to. 

Graffiti artists do this all the time.  I often think the best street art is not the amazing murals that treat the walls as a blank canvases but those images that interact or respond to what’s already happening in their surroundings – to what is given.

Challenge details

This project asks you to use your imagination and ‘draw what you see’ in random paint splodges.

‘Hirameki’ embraces this idea and encourages free thinking and creative imagination.  Lets have some fun.

This is what you do:

  1. Get some watercolours or inks and make some splodged shapes on a piece of paper – vary the sizes and the kinds of shapes.  Follow the Hirameki link to see examples.
  2. Let it dry
  3. Put it in another room, have some tea, or go for a short walk.
  4. Return to it with a fresh eye and spin the paper round to a different direction looking at the different shapes until an idea pops into your head and you find yourself saying, “Oh! that looks like….” 
  5. Grab a fine pen – and bring what your saw in your imagination into the real world.
  6. Spin the paper round and have a go at the next splodge

Enjoy the feelings of allowing your imagination free reign responding to what you see.  Go on – give us an insight into your imaginative world!

Draw what you see
Draw what you see
Draw what you see