Face-to-face classes start from 19th April



Covid-secure studio procedure

The Gallery Studio’s core purpose is to nurture your creativity. 
Ensuring you feel safe in a low-risk environment is fundamental to this.

Our promise 

Creative Art Courses has carried out a detailed risk assessment, of the studio facilities to identify the procedures we have adopted to ensure we meet the government COVID-secure guidelines.  This is regularly reviewed and updated as required.

All tutors who teach, and group Facilitators who host community groups in my studio, will ensure we do all we can to follow the governments COVID-secure guidelines and reduce the risk for everyone – and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our priority is to ensure you feel safe in our studio so you can enjoy your time with us without worry or concern.

Please read carefully to familiarise yourself with the expectations before you arrive at Hope Mill. 
This will ensure your time with us is enjoyable and as low-risk as possible.

With consideration and kindness, we ask everyone to please follow our Covid-secure protocols

At home

At home

A week before your course;
  • If you experience any Covid symptoms and are required to self-isolate, or are waiting for a Covid test result that won’t be received before the course starts, please do the right thing and refrain from attending the course.
  • Contact me as soon as possible to ask for a free transfer to the next available course.
On the day of your course or session, please check that;
  1. You do not have a fever or felt hot or feverish within the previous 14 days.
  2. You do not have shortness of breath or other difficulties with breathing.
  3. You do not have a new and persistent cough.
  4. You have not experienced recent loss of taste or smell.
  5. You have not been in contact with anyone confirmed to have Covid-19.
  6. You are not awaiting a Covid-19 test result.
If you are experiencing any of the above, please do the right thing and refrain from attending the course.
  • Contact me to ask for a free transfer to the next available course.

Leave home a bit earlier

  • Please arrive at the studio a bit earlier to give yourself plenty of time to get ready.
    • Weekend: within 30 minutes of the course start time
    • Evenings: within 15 minutes of the course start time
  • We ask everyone to arrive with an extra dose of love, care and consideration for others to ensure the studio continues to be an oasis of creativity, joy and harmony as we navigate this new-normal Covid-lifestyle.
At Hope Mill

At Hope Mill

Social distancing measures in the mill

  • 2m social distance
    • We continue to keep student numbers low so we can all adhere to 2m social distancing within the studio.
  • Face Coverings
    • Students are expected to wear a face covering or visor, unless they have medical exemption.
      • Face coverings should be worn while talking together in the studio, during social times, during group critiques, and moving around shared spaces within Hope Mill (stairs, corridors, etc) 
      • I will not expect students to wear face coverings while quietly drawing at their easel.
        • This will greatly reduce the time needed to wear a face covering, while still effectively mitigating (reducing) the spread of droplets into the air when speaking.
      • Please do not be offended when asked for a reason, if you are not wearing a face covering.

Arriving at Hope Mill

  • Access to the building: either press #516 and the green bell button on the video-intercom, or telephone your tutor (their tel. number is in the email you will receive before your course).
    • I will then open the front security door for you.
  • Lift: the lift will be restricted to individual use, or for members of the same household or bubble.
    • Please be patient due to the longer wait time.
    • No more than 3 people to use the lift at any one time (long-standing lift procedure)
    • Please ensure you firmly close both lift doors after using the lift.
  • Stairs: The spiral stairs can be used as an alternative to the lift. There are ample passing places on each floor landing.
    • Please check the stairwell is clear before moving up/down between floor landings.
On the 5th floor

On the 5th floor 

Refer to the red numbered boxes in the diagram

  1. Temperature check:
    • Your tutor will use a non-contact thermometer to check your temperature.
  2. Coat + Bags drop area:
    • Art Equipment: Temporarily leave here to collect after washing your hands.
    • Jackets: Please use the coat hooks provided. They each have dividers to keep coats and jackets separate.
    • Bags: Leave any items not needed in the studio with your jacket.
  3. Wash Hands:
    • Immediately go to the toilet area, at the far end of the corridor, to wash your hands BEFORE returning to the Coat + Bag area to complete a short questionnaire and have your temperature checked.
  4. Entrance to the Studio
    • Collect your art equipment from the Coat + Bag area.
  5. Creative spaces
    • Make your way to a Creative space of your choice
      • Every studio-user has their own 2m Creative space.
        • All red floor markings (lines + crosses) indicate positions that are 2m from others.
      • This will make it easier to maintain social-distancing at all times.
      • Students are encouraged to make themselves at home within this space for the duration of the course.
      • Please keep as close to the red cross within your Creative Space as possible to ensure 2m social distancing.
      • Students are asked not to enter other people’s creative space for the duration of the course, even if they are not present.
      • When walking around the studio and Mill building please check to ensure your path is clear before moving – especially around bottleneck areas such as stairwell, entrances/exits, etc.

Diagram of the 5th floor Gallery Studio

In the studio

In the studio

  1. Studio surfaces
    • High traffic areas within the studio, door handles and other often-touched shared surfaces will be cleaned at the end of each day or session.
  2. Personal hygiene
    • Soap and hand sanitiser is widely available and time given to students to allow regular hand washing.
      • Remember: washing hands with soap is more effective than hand sanitiser
      • Please wash your hands more frequently than is usual.
    • Disposable paper towels and tissues are widely available.
    • If you have cuts, grazes or broken skin on your hands please bring gloves to wear. There will be a supply in the studio should anyone need.
    • Hand sanitising:
      • Everyone should ensure their hands are freshly washed (or use hand sanitiser) each time they re-enter the studio.
  3.  Shared items
    • Use hand sanitiser before + after use, or
    • Use a tissue or plastic sheet as a barrier and dispose of after use
  4. Ventilation
    • Windows will be kept open as much as possible to allow effective ventilation in the studio.
    • Please bring additional warm clothing to wear while working in the studio.
    • We do have heating throughout the mill and top-up heaters within the studio.
  5. Life drawing – special procedures
    • Movement around the studio will only be allowed during the model’s rest breaks. 
    • Artists must remain at their drawing positions while the model is modelling.
Students covid19

Studio layout with limited number of easels allowing social-distancing

Students covid19

Studio layout with limited number of tables allowing social-distancing

Returning home

Returning home

If you experience symptoms within 7 days after attending your course;

Please get a test if you experience any Covid symptoms such as;

  • A new, continuous cough, where you cough a lot for more than an hour, or have three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • Fever – where your temperature is above 37.8C
  • Loss of smell or taste

Please notify me should you get a test and receive a positive result. 
Equally, if I experience any symptoms, I will notify you if I receive a positive test result.

With thanks

Special thanks 

  • These are challenging times for everyone, but especially those who are on the frontline. We offer our deepest thanks to all NHS staff and key workers, who through their dedication allow us to continue doing what we love to do in relative safety.

Your views

  • We have put a lot of time and thought into the new measures we have adopted and continue to re-think the way we teach and use the studio and facilities at Hope Mill as we navigate these new ways of living and working together.
  • Please feel free to offer suggestions and observations if you have any concerns or suggestions that will help us continue to reduce the levels of risk within the Gallery Studio and around Hope Mill.



We are extremely happy to be teaching and have our students learning with us. 
Thank you for your continued support.