AVA Structure

Ancoats Visual Arts Funding Structure

AVA is an informal community group

Ancoats Visual Arts: aims to be financially and organisationally independent through;

  • Members volunteering to organise and run peer-supported Be Creative Studio-session sessions
  • Raising funds via
    • Membership fees
    • Funding applications for specific projects, such as
      • Art for Leisure artist-led courses
      • Local community-focused projects
      • Art critiques + open discussion


Creative Art Courses: supports AVA;

  • To the value of approximately £5000 in-kind support annually, by offering
    • Creative guidance and support
    • Management of the
      • group structure
      • group finances
      • website and online presence
      • Training and support for member volunteers
    • Financial support via
      • Reduced studio rent
      • 25% subsidy on Art for Leisure courses to members
      • Hosting group site on meetup.com

November 2018