AVA group information

Ancoats Visual Arts – group information

AVA is an informal community group

Ancoats Visual Arts: aims to be financially and organisationally independent through;

  • Members volunteering to organise and run the peer-supported art group
  • Raising funds via
    • Art group membership fees
    • Funding applications for specific projects, such as
      • Art for Leisure artist-led projects
      • Local community-focused projects

Creative Art Courses: supports AVA;

  • To the value of approximately £5000 in-kind support annually, by offering
    • Creative guidance and support
    • Management of the
      • group structure
      • group finances
      • website and online presence
      • Support for member volunteers
    • Financial support via
      • Reduced studio rent
    • Member benefits
      • Discount for group members who attend regularly. T+C’s apply*

Updated: June 2020

* Member benefits T+C’s

  • Course discounts
    • Currently, members can benefit from course discount of 5% off mid-week daytime course fees.
    • This offer will begin once the AVA group sessions begin after the UK Coronavirus Lockdown ends.
  • To qualify
    • Members must ensure they fully complete the attendance Register at each session.
    • Members must ensure they get 1 stamp (initialled by the group facilitator) on their AVA Members Card during each session they attend.
    • Members must collect 10 stamps to qualify for a Course Discount.
    • Members may continue to collect stamps throughout the year to apply for multiple Course Discounts.
  • To apply
    • Members who wish to apply for a Course Discount must do so within 7 days after receiving their final date stamp on their AVA Members Card.  Members should;
      • Email Brian Raymond
      • Include a scan/photo of their AVA Discount Card, or leave it in the studio for Brian to collect.
    • Once the members application is verified, they will receive a Discount Code by return email.
  • To Redeem 
    • If members wish to redeem their Discount Code they must do so within 7 days  from the date the Discount Code was emailed to them. 
      • Discount Codes not redeemed during this period are not transferable, and the option to make use of the discount will be lost.
  • Note
    • Discounts to members are offered in good faith, and at the sole discretion of Brian Raymond, lead tutor at Creative Art Courses.  No discussions will be entered into should this offer be refused to a member.
    • This offer may be subject to change without consultation.

Updated: June 2020