The Art Elements: Autumn 2018

“Very useful way to start thinking more deliberately about how to create a good drawing or painting.”

Sanne V

This course is always well attended and this autumn was no exception.  I love teaching the Art Elements course as it enables me to take students through different experiences giving them insights into all fun things about making art – line, tone, colour, shape, form, and texture.  Miebaka said of her experience on the course, “It is very fun and varied.  really gets you wanting to practice more.”  That sums up my intentions behind the course, and often leads to students enrolling on my other weekend and evening courses.  Read further to find out what the other students thought about their experience.

Student testimonials

“Informative, engrossing and enjoyable. [My highlights were] challenging myself each week in a supportive environment.  very accessible course whatever your own level of skill.”
Janine A

“Highlighted the different techniques and elements that all come together when creating an image which I’ve never been taught in this way.”
Miebaka A

“I have a greater understanding of the Art Elements and how to apply them in my drawing/painting. The course is really accessible regardless of what level you’re at.  Brian is a really skilled teacher who structures each session and the whole course really thoughtfully.”
Sheila K

“I found the last class about Compositional Structure particularly interesting and helpful.  Not something I’d really thought about before.  It’s accessible, good fun yet you learn a lot.”
Sanne V

“Enjoyable, stimulating, engaging, relaxing and inspiring.”
Rachel R

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