The Art Elements – Autumn 2020

“A very mind-opening experience.”

Marco F

A lovely course for beginners and those returning to art looking for a refresher to about all the art elements of line, tone, colour, etc.  This course is filled with information that I feel students need to know as they start out on their art projects – it’s my attempt to support students to not make the same common mistakes beginners always make!

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Student comments

“A good course for a beginner to pick apart a picture and learn from it.”
Olivia S

“A great course for beginner artists, those who want to get back into art and those who just want to learn something new.  It teaches you the fundamentals about all of the art elements.  I’ve learnt that art is meant to be creative, that it should be expressive, fun and individual – it does not have to be a carbon copy of reality.”
Natasha D

“I’ve learnt how to dissect a drawing into it’s basic elements, which will help me improve how I build and plan my drawings.”
Marco F

“Definitely recommend. Brilliant experience, opened my eyes to art in a whole new way.”
Harriet D