The Art Elements (CPD) – Autumn 2021

“[The course] has given me a better knowledge of the basic art concepts which has given me more confidence to teach.”

Rebecca L

This course was booked by a Rochdale Primary school as CPD training for a group of their teaching staff.  Primary school teachers are not usually specialist art teachers so it was enlightening to know this primary school took seriously the benefits to the children of having well trained confident teachers teaching art in class.  The course helped to improve their subject knowledge, understanding, art skills and confidence to enable them to deliver art lessons with improved learning outcomes for the children. The 6 weeks together was very rewarding and productive.  Teaching teachers to teach art better puts a different slant on this course compared to when I am teaching students who attend to help improve their own art making.  Read further to find out what they thought of their experience.

Teacher Testimonials

“A great hands on experience to be able to unpick the vocabulary used in the National Curriculum and have a better understanding of it.” The main highlights I will take away to benifit my lessons are ” to encourage the children to explore and practice things like line and line families, before delving into artwork. Also, I have a better understanding of things like Tone and Form to share with the children.”
Rachel G
“Really useful and you learn a lot of teaching techniques and subject knowledge.” My main learning highlights have been “using different materials; experimenting with different techniques; [gaining] lots of teaching ideas and art related vocabulary.”
Rachael R
“Very informative. Plenty of advice and chance to practice and improve.” The course has “given me confidence and a new set of skills.”
Elaine F
“Thought it was really useful and had great ideas to apply to class.” My learning highlights were “being taught new skills but being able to try it out yourself and apply it; and using correct terminology and being able to explain techniques better.”
Sinaed C
“Develops your knowledge and understanding of key skills that need to be covered across the curriculum. Links clearly to the art elements we need to teach.” My learning highlights were “pattern an dshape; what you can create using line; and tone and colour.” The course will improve my class teacxhing as “I have a better understanding of the art elements that I iwll be able to implement in the classroom.”
Sarah H
“A really positive course with lots of information. I have come away feeling more confident to teach.” My main learning highlights were “colour; tone; and line.”
“Fantastic experience. I enjoyed every session. My main learning highlight was “Tone – really found it challenging and the most enjoyable.” The course will improve my class teaching as “I will have the ability to explain to children in more details.”
“An informative, belief-inspiring experience with great insights to art. It’s been great fun – I didn’t know I could draw/shade well! My main learning highlights were “the importance of Texture and Form and how abstract art ‘works’.” I can transfer directly to the classroom “Shading and tone; Composition of a painting; and warm/cool gradient of a picture.”
Luke J
“Excellent introduction to the Art Elements. Thank you very much you have inspired me and raised my confidence!” My learning highlights hav ebeen “experiemnting with line and colour; having a go – my confidence has grown.” The course will improve my class teaching from a “better understanding of materials, line, form, tone, colour, texture, pattern and shape.” 
Mary B