The Art Elements Diary – April-May 2016

Still life - focusing on quality of line
Still life – focusing on quality of line

Course Photo Diary: April-May 2016

Discover what the students got up to during this course.  The exercises, the experimentation, the finished drawings.

Each session explored one of the Art Elements of Line, Colour, Tone + Form, Texture, Shape + Pattern,  and finally finishing off looking at Composition.  See the photo albums below to get a flavour of each class.

Read some quotes by the students and find out what they thought of the course.

Student Quotes

“Had not drawn in 10+ years.  Really refreshing, didn’t feel like the concepts taught were too hard.  It was genuinely great.” Olivier M

“I learnt a lot.  A very good balance between theory and practice.” Jenny U

“I’ve learnt the basics art elements and I’d like to improve it.  I think they will help me to draw easily.  I think everything was perfect.” Esra G

“It’s made me think about art in a way I hadn’t thought of.  Very useful in teaching the building blocks of how to draw – I’ve learnt things I haven’t learnt in other art classes before.”  Natalie C

“Really very interesting.  I learned loads! it’s made me change the way I look at art and my approach to it.” Max E

“Fantastic teaching.  Brian is helpful, patient and non-judgmental in his teaching and he explains things in such a way that it is easy to understand. I came to this course to learn about the Art Elements which I have after years of stumbling around in the dark with books much of the time.  Everything has finally come together for me and this only means one thing, practice, practice, practice and I can only improve.” Aimee J

“Excellent-well structured, informative, practical exercises with supportive and critical helpful feedback you’ll learn a lot.  Thanks for a fantastic course.” Suzanne B

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