The Art Elements: June – July 2017

We started another 6 weeks of the Art Elements course last week.  This course has a really interesting mix of students ranging from in age from retired, to those in their 20s – 30s working in an eclectic mix of professions, from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities – it’s what makes teaching in a city-centre studio so interesting.  All students got off to a brilliant star exploring mark-making and getting back in touch with the emotional and physical act that is creative drawing.  A brilliant way to leave the stress of the day job behind.  I’m really looking forward to see how everyone develops over the coming weeks.

Session 1

We dived in to exploring mark-making and qualities of line.  This session is all about increasing the range of expressive marks we can use in our drawings to enable us to be more able to express what we wish.  Without an extensive vocabulary of  expression we limit our drawings ability to engage and communicate. Quality of line is key to improving as an artist and drawer. So hopefully an inspiring start to the Art Elements course.  More next week!