The Art Elements Nov-Dec 2017

The Art Elements

The Art Elements course began this Wednesday evening with a lovely group of students.  A nice mix of students with different interests, varying drawing styles and at different stages of art experience.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how the projects unfold week by week.

Week 1: Line

A great introduction to the course began by working with the students to loosen up their drawing style and get back in touch with the emotive quality of using line.  We explored mark making and using personal line to make individualistic drawings of a still life.

We didn’t have time to fully complete our drawings this session but the whole point of drawing them was to experience the emotive and gestural connection with materials and mark making.  Once students remake this connection drawing with line is never quite the same again and drawing becomes more enjoyable and passionate in the future.  So often as adults the visceral quality of drawing gets lost and drawings becomes purely a technical procedure losing all sense of fun and enjoyment along the way.  This session, through a number of exercises, puts back the fun and develops a deeper understanding of line and the place of mark-making within picture making.


Check out these wonderfully energised and personalised drawings from week 1 of the Art Elements course. Fab results!

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