The Creative Eye – Summer 2019

Will take you to places you never believed you could go! To look at the human body and life drawing from a series of totally fresh and different perspectives. Accessible to all.”

Pam B

It was a privilege to teach Heather Spears’ book The Creative Eye.  Heather taught her course as a guest in my studio about 4 times over the previous 7 years, and it was with much trepidation that I took on the task of teaching her book The Creative Eye, hoping to do it the justice it deserves.  It goes without saying what a joy it was to teach and guide the 10 students through Heather’s exercises, thoughts, ideas and insights into perception, seeing and drawing – I absolutely loved teaching The Creative Eye over 4 days this summer.  As one of the students, Ruth commented about the course “Just do it! Intensive, exhausting, cathartic. Lots of new concepts to explore in a supportive environment.  Non judgemental approach.  First attempts at life drawing, really enjoyed it.”

After an inspirational 4 days teaching with students of mixed abilities from absolute-beginner to experienced drawers, I was not quite sure what the students’ experience of the course would be.  I was delighted to receive their feedback at the end of the course.  Read further to find out what the other students thought of their experience of the ideas and concepts within Heather’s book The Creative Eye.

Student Testimonials

“A challenging and intensive course that will change the way you see and interpret your subject.  You will approach your work from so many new perspectives over the course.  The course is well taught and structured teaching.  You will improve your work quickly.”  My course highlight was “thinking about new ways of seeing, and hearing about Heather Spears’ approach to drawing.”
Angela D

“This is a wonderful course.  I felt completely immersed in for the full 4 days.  I feel I’ve learned a huge amount.  And unlearned lots of old habits!  The course has really helped me to look/see in a different way and has completely changed how I will approach life drawing in the future.” My course highlight was “the sense of connectedness of the body/creative flow rather than thinking of separate body parts.”
Sheila K

“Be prepared to be stripped back and start from the beginning.  Allow yourself to be guided.  Enjoy being taken out of your comfort zone.  Go with the flow.  It’s amazing.  It’s truly inspiring.  A truly wonderful experience.  I really learnt a lot.  Felt comfortable and safe, unjudged.”  My course highlight was “feeling really proud of my development.”
Sarah M

“Brilliant course for any level.” My course highlight was that “I enjoyed every second!”
Pat C

“Don’t hesitate to book.  I was inspired and made to look at things totally differently – details I had not thought of.  An opportunity to immerse yourself in being creative.  Excellently structured and taught.” My course highlight was “the idea of flow and looking at the body as a whole.”
Barbara B

“Whatever your level, there will be something new in the course.  Completely absorbing journey.  Learning to see new things in an image.  Choosing what to focus on and how to capture it.  Learning to love charcoal.”  My course highlight was “not knowing where it was going next.”
Kathryn F

“Amazing! Will take you to places you never believed you could go!  To look at the human body and life drawing from a series of totally fresh and different perspectives.  Accessible to all.  Unleashes your creativity.  Interesting.” My course highlight was “just watching the room fill up with amazing images and producing one or two myself!”
Pam B

“Re-training of drawing.  Hard work but well worth it.  Made me go on a journey.”  My course highlight was “working with like minded group who were prepared to explore.”
Judith S

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