The in between spaces

Spaces in between

We spend all out time drawing and painting objects.  It’s time to shift your focus to the space between and around the things we love to draw.

Challenge Introduction

This challenge is about giving the over-looked Negative shapes + spaces within our drawings and paintings a chance to take centre stage.

Set up a still life of objects such as a jumble of chairs stacked up, a pile of kitchen utensils dumped on the table.  Winter trees are good but probably a little too late.  If you’re not sure Google search for ‘negative space drawings‘ and you’ll get a good idea of where we are going with this project.

Challenge details

There are 2 approaches you can take.  Choose one or do both – it’s up to you.

Approach #1
Draw the spaces in between the objects and shade them in black, or any other colour to set up a contrast with the paper.  Use coloured paper if you wish for a very graphic look.

This approach treats space as flat.

Approach #2
Draw the spaces in between the objects and treat them as the main dominant parts of the picture – give them the same kind of attention and treatment as you would usually reserve for the objects you draw.  Add texture, brush marks, vary the shades and tones, etc – make the negative space look engaging and interesting. 

This is very different to approach 1. 

If you can achieve this shift in your attention to the ‘spaces in between’ you will achieve a very interesting drawing or painting with a dynamic shift of focus allowing the negative to become the positive.

The in between spaces
The in between spaces
The in between spaces