Time travel portraits

Imagine yourself in the world of your favourite artist. 
Time-Travel through the centuries and re-imagine yourself like you’ve never been drawn before.

Challenge Introduction

Imagine yourself in the world of your favourite artist.  Travel to Basquiat’s Brooklyn in the 1970’s, Rembrandt’s Netherlands of the 17th century, or put yourself in Gauguin’s Tahiti in the 1890’s.

Ask yourself why they painted like they did.  Why did they develop their specific style, or choose the colours they did.  Why did they use their kind of brush marks, or make, bright colourful images, dark and moody paintings, or rough, energy-fuelled marks, daubs and graffiti? 

Challenge details

Take a selfie of yourself on your phone or sit in front of a mirror.  Choose one of your favourite paintings that contain a portrait of a sitter. Now imagine that sitter is you.

Create a drawing or painting of yourself in that imagined world in the style of your chosen artist.

We can’t experience what your chosen artist experienced – but we can draw ourselves into other worlds and other times.  Enjoy your time travel.