Unwrapped – The big reveal

The big reveal – unwrapped

We all like the ‘big reveal’.  Seeing something for the first time after it’s been wrapped up and hidden away. 
And the contrary is also true – we love the enigma of the half-hidden object too.

Challenge Introduction

Christo and Jean-Claude were aware of this mystery when they travelled the world covering buildings and islands in fabric.  Covering and uncovering objects enables us to see them differently.

Challenge details

This challenge is to capture this in a drawing or painting.  You can do a single image of the moment something is unwrapped, or you can do a series of images showing the stages from fully wrapped to unwrapped.

My obvious choice would be to buy a chocolate bar and make a series of drawings documenting the process of me eating it with the wrapper being pulled back bit by bit.  You can get really engrossed in drawing the crinkled paper, the distorted lettering and of course the delectable tasty crumbs of chocolate.  Equally, covering your foot in fabric would be good too – but then you can’t eat it!

Choose your own objects and what to wrap them in.