Urban Sketching Ancoats – Sept 2022

“Fantastic experience. I learnt more than I would ever expect.”

Oscar L

We enjoyed wonderful weather this autumn so were able to get out and about around Ancoats and visit 3 different venues over the weekend. We enjoyed a good mix of students with different experiences and interests on this course which was great. I always enjoying meeting people from far and wide and supporting them to find their own style of urban sketching and chatting to them about Ancoats, its history and rejuvenation evident all around us.

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Student comments

“I can’t believe I sat outside drawing and painting but that’s what we did and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have learned how to measure buildings and how to position them. I have learned how to use soluble graphite and how to hatch properly with pen. [My course highlight was] the watercolour and pen at the canal. I feel confident to have a go myself. I also want to learn from others so shall go away and look at some youtube videos. Loved the course and look forward to the next one”
Sue T

“Enjoyed it. Well lead. Good group. Great to get out.”
Kevin L

“Great balance between theory and practice. I have become confident around perspective and measuring and working with different media. [My course highlight was the] ongoing feedback and encouragement. Spot on.”
Josi F

“Fantastic experience. I learnt more than I would ever expect. Best points I take with me are clear steps needed when sketching and sue of watercolour and pen combined. Finally I got rid of a lot of bad habits. My best was learning to measure. Exceeded by far my expectations.”
Oscar L

“Learn foundations of theory of urban sketching broken down in stages inside classroom then put onto practice outside. Reinforcing the importance of measuring techniques. [I have been] given a good base to go away and have a go on my own.”
Sarah G

“A really thorough and interactive introduction to urban sketching. The course has very much met my expectations and I’m leaving with more knowledge in terms of urban sketching and drawing in general.”
Rachel R

“Positive, inspiring – lots of opportunity to draw, opportunity for feedback from Brian. [I have learnt] perspective on drawing buildings, using pen and wash. Learnt of new artists to look into. New processes for urban sketching techniques. It has been informative, lots of good information on perspective drawing, on artists to look out who are urban sketchers/painters.”
Jude M

“I had an incredible experience. The course fulfilled my expectations, the teacher explained very well and clearly all concepts and techniques. [I have learnt] perspective, drawing methodology, work with different types of pencils, pens, etc. It provides a very good base to urban sketching. The etacher encourages students to develop their own style.”
Rosa S

“The course was really interesting and fun. It was great to see how your technique evolved and you got better. [I have learnt] breaking down each step and understanding the rule of perspective, scale and angles was very helpful. Also, understanding tones and scales. Great fun!”
Eleni C