Why Mentoring

Guidance + support for those wishing to improve and develop as creative fine artists


Unfortunately, many artists, especially those starting out, find themselves creatively alone and isolated finding it impossible to meet those like-minded people who are able to offer understanding and support in navigating the challenges of the creative process.

Mentoring sessions need to be part of your
holistic creative support network.

Many artists, even beginners as well as those already developing and growing as artists, rely on mentoring to support them in their long-term creative growth and development. Many people receive this from family, friendships, or artist colleagues if they are part of a studio collective.

If you are one of the many beginner artists not fortunate enough to have one these natural networks in place – mentoring is a great way forward.

The most beneficial part of a mentoring group is the objective, focused, and practical advice you’ll get from a supportive, skilled, experienced, and caring Mentor.

Receiving honest, objective, and insightful feedback into the successes and merits of your artwork as well as those areas that require additional focus is often too much to ask from friends and colleagues.

Mentoring needs to be understood as a crucial part of every artist’s creative support network, that sits alongside learning skills and techniques by attending courses, classes (face-to-face or online), peer-led groups, reading books, watching YouTube videos and Insta reels.

Find the right group and the right Mentor

Find the right Mentor who is able to guide and critique with kindness, and build a safe studio environment for creativity to flourish unbounded, then Mentoring sessions will be worth their weight in gold in terms of your artistic growth and self-development.

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