Youth-teenage Art Class: March 2018

3 word summary: “Experience, interesting, improving”


I was happy to see the very first Sunday art class for children and teenagers begin on 18 March 2018.  We had been working really hard to get all the foundations prepared in time, so were a little taken aback when Greater Manchester found itself amidst one of the worst snow-days it has experienced in many a year.

Nevertheless we struggled on and stayed open for those students were lived close by and were able to make it in.  So with a small class of students – we continued and I think, judging from the comments made by students – we all had a wonderful creative and enjoyable day together in our studio.

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Leonie thought these 3 words summed up her experience of the class: “experience, interesting and improving”. Read on  for more student testimonials and discover what the others thought.


Student comments

3 word summary: “Informative, Helpful, Peaceful”
Most interesting exercise: “drawing without taking the pencil off the page
Technique to use again: “hatching and cross-hatching”

3 word summary: “Interesting, Fun, Educational.”
Most interesting exercise: “doing the ink shoes.”
Technique to use again: “using Indian ink”

3 word summary: “Experience, interesting, improving”
Most interesting exercise: “continuous line drawings”
Technique to use again? “toning drawings with hatching”

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