Youth-teenage art class – Jan 2020

“Very relaxing and enjoyable because I learned a lot and improved.”

Lauren A

Our first children’s and Youth Sunday art class took place in January with children eager to continue their exploration of art materials and techniques. It was great to see so many students returning from last year. Tracy, the tutor, did a fab job of enthusing and guiding the students through the fun and engaging projects she had planned. Parents spent their time making new friends, sharing experiences chatting or quietly reading while relaxing on the sofas and chairs in our corridor seating areas. Hot drinks and biscuits kept them warm and fed while their children drew and painted in their studio. Read their comments below.

Parent Comments

How does your child benefit from the classes?

  • “She feel relaxed and focused, and is increasing in confidence with her artwork.” NA
  • “Encourages her talent, and allows her to become more confident in her ability.” HS
  • “They don’t have art at school so these classes offer her the opportunity to explore her creative side.” HB
  • “He love coming here. This is our 2nd visit and we have booked all three lessons this term. He says he loves what he learns here – style/techniques, etc.” LK
  • “Encourages their passion and improves skill and confidence. Builds relationships.” ES
  • “Exploring new art styles and time with children a similar age with similar passions for creativity.” RM
  • “Practice, confidence, technical skills. Ideas.” MM

Student comments

My experience in 3 words: Fun, Exciting, Entertaining
My class highlights: drawing 3D objects
Today I learnt: Shading my cast shadow properly. Get better in art especially at school
The class was: Fun and you get to learn a lot more.
Lily H

My experience in 3 words: Cool, Arty, Fun
My class highlights: Using charcoal
Today I learnt: Still life in 3D. Achieve more realistic art work
I would recommend the class because: I wouldn’t – because my friends hate art. Not me though – I like art.
Jae B

My experience in 3 words: Interactive, Creative, Fun
My class highlights: Drawing the apple
Today I learnt: Shading and getting the proportions correct.
The class was great because: You learn useful tips
Lionel S

My experience in 3 words: Fun, Interactive, Entertaining
My class highlights: Socialising, drawing
Today I learnt: Drawing perfectly in rubber and charcoal.
The class was: Fun and perfect to socialise and make friends.
Esme S

My experience in 3 words: Quiet, Calm, Friendly
My class highlights: Charcoal drawing
Today I learnt: Shadowing
The class was great because: The people there are very nice.

My experience in 3 words: It was great
My class highlights: The eating of apples
Today I learnt: Apple sketching, drawing in detail
The class was: People are nice; it’s fun; It makes me better at drawing
Emma M

My experience in 3 words: Very Informative learning
My class highlights: The work with charcoal pencils and colour theories
Today I learnt: Light sources of shadows and how to pick out different colours in an object/study. Further improve my art and help me become more confident in using materials such as coloured pencils.
The class was: I found it interactive and informative. It would be a lovely atmosphere to work in with friends.
Charlie R

My experience in 3 words: Educational
My class highlights: Shading. Drawing in 3D and with charcoal.
Today I learnt: Drawing in 3D
The class was great because: There are a lot of things it teaches in one lesson.
Ellis M

My experience in 3 words: Fun, Helpful, Relaxing
My class highlights: Using colour to create an apple.
Today I learnt: Use of shading, use colour in my art work.
The class was: very relaxing and enjoyable because I learned a lot and improved.
Lauren A