Youth Teenage Art class – May 2019

“It’s a great experience – lots of fun, fun, fun”

The children’s art class took place again on 19th May on Sunday afternoon.  Tracy taught the students about Pop Art and a bit of colour theory so they can improve their use of colour in their drawings and paintings.  We received lots of positive feedback from students such as “Fun, Creative, Exciting” or “It was challenging, or “Educational, Fun, Delightful”.  Clearly the students enjoyed themselves and learnt lots of new arty stuff during the session.  Read further to find out more.

Student testimonials

This class involved learning about “Pop Art artists, All the primary, secondary and harmonious colours, Colour contrast and complimentary colours.”

Student class highlights included comments such as “It is enjoyable and you learn in a very fun way”, “You could make a living out of this and it’s relaxing”, It’s a great experience even if you don’t really do art as a hobby – lots of fun, fun, fun”, “It’s educational and fun”, and from the final student “It was really good”.

Students thoughts on how their learning will help them in the future included comments such as “Design rooms or to contrast colour”, Understand harmonious and complimentary colours”, Improve my painting by using colours that work”.

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