Youth-teenage art class: Nov 2018

Another well attended art class for young people and teenagers.  They got up to loads of fun experimental drawing exercises – mainly using ink and creative tools for mark-making this sessions.  Each sessions is fun, engaging with time to learn and enjoy making art.  Emily thought the class was “Fun, educating and happy”. Read further to fnd out what the other students thought.

Student testimonials

3 Word summary: Fun, Educating, Happy.
Highlights: Working with new media – wet on wet
Today I learnt: Manipulating ink in wet on wet
Recommended because: I learned a lot and its fun
Emily G

3 Word summary: Fun, Calming, Excellent
Highlights: Experiment with ink techniques
Today I learnt: Still life, ink techniques and how we can create our work more interesting.
Recommended because: It is very useful, calming and can be very useful if they are new to art.
Zainab Q

3 Word summary: Excellent teacher
Highlights: Use inks
Today I learnt: Negative shapes
Recommended because: It was a lovely atmosphere
Shoirse M

3 Word summary: Super
Highlights: Ink bleeding technique
Today I learnt: Bleeding ink on wet paper, Negative drawings
Recommended because: It is awesome
Kokilan R

3 Word summary: Fun, Enjoyable, Great
Highlights: Pencil drawing
Today I learnt: How to do ink drawings
Recommended because: It was presented really well.
Samuel E

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