Youth-teenage art class – Nov 2019

“It was educational and different to school art lessons and
I got 1:1 attention throughout.”

Suhaavi S

Another well attended Sunday Youth-teenage art class of enthusiastic young people who all love their art and are eager to improve.  Some students attend for fun while other are keen to apply what they learn to help improve their grades at school. This class was about drawing the face and I know the tutor had some really fun, engaging activities for the students.  Lauren says the class is “So fun! Lovely atmosphere”.  But read further to find out what the other students thought.

Student Testimonials

My experience: Calm, Enjoyable, Helpful
My highlights: Drawing teh face
Today I learnt: Proportion – features of the face
The class was: So fun!  Lovely atmosphere
Lauren A

My experience: Educational, Enjoyable, Interesting
My highlights: Facial structure
Today I learnt: Realised not everyone’s faces are teh same – everyone has different facial structures
The class was: It helped me realise my mistakes
Sofia B

My experience: New, Difficult, Fun
My highlights: Drawing faces and self portraits
Today I learnt: Draw faces and [how to] structure them
The class was: It helps and its fun
Thomas I

My experience: It was fun!
My highlights: The second portrait.  Using charcoal dust and graphite sticks
Today I learnt: To draw more realistic human portraits.
The class was: It was really fun and I learnt loads from [the tutor] Tracy.
Ellie B

My experience: Fun, Interesting, Nice
My highlights: Trying to draw without looking.
Today I learnt: How to draw faces.
The class was: It is very fun to do and you can learn a lot.
Alexandra B

My experience: Interesting, Experimental, Fun
My highlights: Using new materials – charcoal
Today I learnt: Face structure and shadow.  To pay more attention to shadows and structure
The class was: It was educational and different to school art lessons and I got 1:1 attention throughout.
Suhaavi S

My experience: Messy, Fun, Expressive
My highlights: Self portraits
Today I learnt: Drawing hair with charcoal
Alex L

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