Youth-teenage art class – Sept 2019

The new academic year got off to a flying start with lots of young people eager to learn new skills in drawing and painting.  The Sunday youth classes are taught by an experienced tutor and gives students a valuable experience learning new drawing and painting skills that will enhance their creativity at school and help them improve their GCSE grades, or simply enable them to enjoy their art even more.

Student Testimonials

My experience: Fun. Educational. Creative
My highlights: My final piece
Today I learnt: Different techniques of drawing
The class was: educational and fun
Lionel S

My experience: Excellent. Interesting. Creative
My highlights:
Today I learnt: How to shade properly. Blind contour [drawing].
The class was: It is very fun
Ali A

My experience: Interesting, Challenging
My highlights: it was interesting because it was new and challenging
Today I learnt: Tone, blending and perspective
The class was: It helps you learn new things and test your abilities
Aaron M

My experience: Creative, fun, interesting
My highlights: trying to draw a shoe not looking and getting to be creative with charcoal
Today I learnt: it’s OK to try different ways
The class was: always good to learn new things and you don’t feel rushed
Rebecca A

My experience: Amazing, Wonderful, Entertaining
My highlights: learning how to use charcoal
Today I learnt: how to use a putty rubber and how to draw without looking at your paper
The class was: I learnt a lot and it was very fun
Alexandra B

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